How was your June? It is finally getting colder here and resembling winter at last. Colder days means more indoor reading time, Yay! This month i knocked 26 books of the tbr shelf, although a couple of those were photographic books and a handful of novellas so it probably isn’t that much in total pages read. But there were some pretty good reads in there this month. Here is a list of what i discovered in June:

Mix Tape One – Fut – Short story by my cousin, and soon to be published author, Si Braniff – 4 stars – left me wanting to know what happens next.

AA.jpg Almost Adulting by Arden Rose – 3 stars – humorous but didn’t totally engage me.

CTN Crave the Night by Lara Adrian – 4 stars – Midnight Breed book 12 – a great instalment – I loved finding out more about Nathan and the Atlantean twist was interesting.

ATCOTB.jpg At The Court of the Borgia by Johann Burchard – 3 stars – informative but a little dull at times.

IICLG If I Can’t Let Go by Beth Kery – 3 stars –not as captivating as pervious book series’ of hers but still enjoyable.

IICHY If I Can’t Have You by Beth Kery – 3 stars – another solid novella but I’m failing to really fall for the characters.

IITY.jpg If I Trust You by Beth Kery – 3 stars – this series is good but not great. I don’t like it as much as previous books I’ve read by this author.

IINY.jpg If I Need You by Beth Kery – 3 stars – enjoyable but not totally captivating.

Putt Putt with Uncle Bob by Si Braniff – 3 stars  – short story by my soon to be published cousin.

MKD The Marsh Kings Daughter by Karen Dionne – 4 stars – tense and suspenseful from the outset. A solid thriller

ASB A Subtle Breeze by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars -another solid m/m series from this author. Being novellas they kind of just start with the action, but there is enough backstory to flesh the characters out a little.

BH  The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs – 4 stars – A touching memoir with a light-hearted approach.

ALWD A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby – 4 stars – darkly humorous and good classic Hornby.

Odyssey The Odyssey by Homer – 5 stars – a reread of one of my favourite classic tomes.

WTDS When the Dead Speak by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Southern Spirits book 2 – a good solid instalment in this m/m paranormal series.

ATV All of the Voices by Bailey Bradford  – 3 stars – Southern Spirits book 3 – anther good instalment. I find with Bradford books they are always somewhere in the middle for me. Enjoyable and well plotted but not completely wowing me.

WUD Wait Until Dawn by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Southern Spirits book 4 – I enjoy the paranormal aspect in this series.

WPP World Press Photo 2017 – 5 stars – after seeing the exhibition I purchased a copy of the book. Some seriously moving images.

MAF.jpg Music and Freedom by Zoe Morrison – 4 stars – an engrossing read although I found it hard to warm to any of the characters.

Aftermath Aftermath by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Southern Spirits book 5 – another solid instalment in this m/m series.

CK Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – 5 glorious stars – I adored being back in Ketterdam with the gang. Loved every word of it. Sad that this was a duology – I want more Kaz and Inej.

ALBB.jpg A Little Bit of Buddha by Chad Mercree – 4 stars – a good little intro to all things Buddha.

WWM.jpg Why We March by Artisan Press – 5 stars – a great photographic collection of the best of the women’s march 2017.

invaders The Invaders by John Flanagan – 5 stars – adventure on the high seas – I love all things Flanagan.

ois2 One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton – 5 stars – adorable, tender, heart-warming. Like a little vacation amongst the pages.

WE Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh – 5 stars – Psy-Changeling book 15.5 – a collection of shorts accompanying the psy changeling series.  Absolutely adore this series. I loved being back with my Dark river/Snow Dancer packmates and their Psy friends too. Plus more Dorian! I always love a good Dorian.

So now on to July… already… gosh life is disappearing fast. I am hoping to finally read My Cousin Rachel and Frost Like Night before starting on Gillian Andersons motivational book WE. What is on your July list?

Wishing you all a healthy and happy July wherever you are in the world.