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Does anyone else think that these books are just impossible to agree with? I feel as though no one could flip through one of these types of books without having very strong opinions that some shouldn’t be included on the list, and some that are missing definitely should be on it.

In my mind, books are like art – subjective. Everyone takes something different away from a story. One person can think it’s the best thing they have ever read, the next can loathe every word.

While the 1001 books featured in this collection are probably all great books (I’ve only read 175 of them so I can’t be sure), I feel disappointed that some of my favourites didn’t make the list, and some that I disliked are included.

Why does every Jane Austen novel make the list but not a single work by Shakespeare? Lots of Virginia Woolf but no Dante.  I Robot and 2001 make the list representing sci-fi, but Dune or the Wizard of Earthsea don’t. Greats like Slaughterhouse Five, Ender Game, The Divine Comedy, The Power of One, Le Grand Meaulnes, A Moveable Feast, just to name a few – all missing. There are some of Coelho’s works, but not his most transcendent book – The Alchemist. Some Greene but not The End of the Affair. Some Murakami. but again not his most brilliant  –  Norwegian Wood? The edition I have was published in 2009 so some of my recent favourites would definitely not be there – but how did Harry Potter not get a mention – a global sensation loved by millions is not on the list. Is it not highbrow enough? Do only those considered erudite make the cut?

It is impossible to make a list that people won’t argue over and demand additions to. But there are many on the list that in my view pale in comparison to others that were left out. I adore this cover edition over any other released though. I have some serious reading to do to knock off the remainder of this 1001 collection.

Are there any books that you feel should always be included in a must read list?