It has been unseasonably hot and rainy here all March. It feels like tropical weather in Autumn. But rainy days means lots of reading time!

March was the month of the Novella for me. Thank goodness for novellas. I was in a little bit of a reading slump during February and i find that delving into a short novella is usually a good way for me to get back into the reading groove. What helps you get over a reading slump?

This month i read quite a lot (25), but there were a LOT of novellas in there. I did manage to fit in a couple of full length books, including a classic and a couple of longer non-fiction reads. So overall it was a good month of reading for me. Below is a run down of what i discovered this month.

rws.jpg Running with Scissors by L.A. Witt – 4 stars – a solid and enjoyable rock m/m romance

wan Wires and Nerve Vol.1 by Marissa Meyer  – 3 stars – a good graphic novel, but comics aren’t really my jam.

rslw Rick Steins Long Weekends cookbook – 4 stars – great recipes and nice photography throughout.

icck If Chins Could Kill by Bruce Campbell – 3 stars – A decent actor bio but it didn’t thoroughly captivate me.

dbu The Distance Between Us by L.A. Witt – 2 stars – probably derserves more for the quality of the writing, but I just really don’t like stories that have a long term relationship flailing until they add a third person that reparis the relationship.

cah Chaps and Hope by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Mossy Glenn Ranch Book 1- an interesting new m/m author find.

tdc Three dark crowns by Kandare Blake- 5 stars – it startred out slow and a little confusing with all the characters, but by the end I was hooked and am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

radRopes and  Dreams by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Mossy Glenn Ranch book 2 – I am enjoying this series, but so far I feel like each book is leaving one part of the story untold, or one character/issue unresolved.

12 The twelve lives of Samuel Hawley by Hanna Tinti – 4 stars – A great story providing you can get past the gratuitous violence.

sam Saddles and Memories by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Mossy Glenn Ranch book 3 – another decent instalment in this cowboy m/m romance series.

na Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen – 3 stars – okay Ms Austen, I gave you a second chance but sadly I can’t get over my dislike of all things Jane. My year 12 english teacher ruined Austen for me.The cover is gorgeous though.

faf Fences and Freedom by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Mossy Glenn Ranch book 4 – My least favourite characters so far, but still a decent story.

mfo Momo Freaks Out by Samone Bos – 4 stars – a fun, light and highly comical read. Love the super pop colours on the cover.

rar Riding and Regrets by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Mossy Glenn Rnach book 5 – consistent with the rest of the series so far.

bnb Broncs and Bullies by Bailey Bradford – 4 stars – Mossy Glenn Ranch book 6 – another solid instalment in this m/m romance series.

ilf Ice like fire by Sara Raasch – 4 stars – Snow Like Ashes book 2  – a solid sequel. It only lost a star for me because of my devastation over Theron and that, since the very beginning, I always felt that the relationship with Mather was more like a brother – I can’t see him as a love inerest. I am hoping that in book 3 he realises that and ends up with someone else and then tey rescue Theron and bring him back to himself.

hah Hay and Heartbreak by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Mossy Glenn Ranch book 7- not quite as compelling as the previous ones but still enjoyable.

Vav Vaqueros and Vigilence by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Mossy Glenn Ranch book 8 – i have a habit of reading an entire series in quick succession!  I liked the characters in this one, but the author should have paid more attention to the editing process. In the beginning, when Joaquin thinks his name is Everett, the dialogue actually has him using the name Seb more than once. He doesn’t know he is Seb yet! Then a few pages later he is back to calling him Everett. This should have been caught in the editing round.

maestra Maestra by LS Hilton – 3 stars – I wanted to like it more than I did. I just struggled to accept that she went from one little “accident” to being a cold blooded killer for her own gain with not much struggle.

levi Levi by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars – Leopards Spots book 1 – a compelling addition to the paranormal m/m romance genre. It could have had a little more heat, but overall it had good structure.

oscar Oscar by Bailey Bradford – 3 stars -Leopards Spots book 2 – I like Oscar a lot. I find that the story starts a little fast – straight into them finding their mates – but I like the broader story progression so far.

KMS Keep Me Safe by Daniela Saverdoti – Seal Island Book 1 – 4.5 stars – a tender hearted read with a paranormal twist.

timothy Timothy by Bailey Bradford – Leopards Spots book 3 – 3 stars – an interesting addition to the series. I liked the idea of the spirit being able to leave if the person is undeserving of the gift.

isaiah.jpgIsaiah by Bailey Bradford – Leopards Spots book 4 – 3.5 stars – I found this one a little more interesting with the medical/vet aspect. I enjoyed the characters. A good instalment in the series.

AT.jpg Alone Together by Sherry Turkle – 3 stars – an interesting look at the changing world of technology and it effects on the human experience. A little too much focus on robotics for my liking though.

Okay so that’s my wrap-up. A little longer list than usual. I just started Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton for my first April read. What’s coming up on your TBR pile for April? Hope you all have a great month of reading.