Book 2 in the Stella Series

5 Stars

**spoiler alert**

I adore this series!

Book 2 was just as addictive as the first. It is an intelligent and surprising romance. I must admit, I was expecting it to be more difficult at the beginning. I thought Stella would be trapped in her situation and Conrad would have to swoop in and rescue her from the clutches of her parents and their beliefs. Or maybe Conrad would find and enlist the assistance of Parker to help her disconnect. So that first part went a little easier than I anticipated. I didn’t know Conrad could do patience! It flowed perfectly and fit seamlessly with the story.

I love that we get some of Conrad’s past revealed in this instalment. It clearly wasn’t full disclosure though – there are hints that he was involved, or maybe even responsible, for the ‘accident’ and i am guessing it was to do with that meddling woman and her limp and his previous predilections.

I am mildly mad at Conrad, but i am hoping to discover it is for no reason at all. The night he didn’t come home… i am guessing he was with that horrible woman – he better have just been there to talk or i will be mentally kicking his butt – i don’t want to do that Ms Ryde I like Conrad and his butt! Please don’t make me mad at him.

There is still so much to be revealed. I love how the story is progressing. I am looking forward to finally being introduced to Parker. Oh why did i have to read the book all in one go? Now i have an age to wait for book 3 and more of my new favourite leading man.

If you love a steamy romance with some actual depth, this is a great series for you. It is sharp and clever and surprising and sweet and saucy and sexy and steamy and compelling all rolled into one ketchup bottle and shaken up.

Lovers of well constructed romance with a good solid storyline should check out Ms R K Ryde. Stella’s Awakening is book 1 and will hook you in and keep you guessing. Stella’s Emancipation was just as addictive. I am eagerly awaiting book 3.