5 heartbreaking stars

A harrowing and courageous work of investigative journalism. Shedding light on an issue that most are unwilling to even think about. What shocked me most was not the corruption or the link to organised crime, but the clients. An industry like this only exists because there are SO many men willing to exploit them and use them. If there were no clients the business would not thrive. That means that there are clients willing to pay without thought to the circumstances of the girls (many of which are still children). It seems, in some ways, like it has become an almost legal and socially acceptable form of pedophilia. I must admit I was shocked that there were actually some women running a few of these places and making money off child pornography and paedophilia.
This book takes the reader on a journey around the world, showing us the trafficking system in its many guises, and giving a glimpse into the lives of these women and girls. While there are a percentage that choose this profession, most do not. Men that claim that the women are consenting so that makes it okay are just trying to justify their behaviour and remove guilt. I like that the author goes into various ways that countries have considered reducing this problem. None of which seem like the right solution. But what is the right answer? In a world where pornography is readily accessible and more hardcore than ever, in a world where boys are raised in a society where this kind of treatment of women is so mainstream that it has become “normal” and “acceptable”, how can we teach our men-to-be that this is wrong? When even our  “entertainment” portrays scenarios that showcase teenage behaviour including high levels of sexualized content and complete disrespect of girls, how can it ever change? We have created a culture where boys think date rape is okay, and if she’s drunk or passed out it’s acceptable among their peers to not only shame the girl, but assault her.  Men are supposed to be the protectors, but they are almost always the perpetrators of the evils of the world. We must teach our boys to respect and protect. 
As it stated in the latter part of this book “A new masculine revolution is necessary. We need a new generation of men, not warriors, not armed, not threatening divine punishment, not violent, but men who possess a strong sense of progress and justice….. Male power must re-invent itself before the mafia and global society, which turns a blind eye, succeeds in convincing girls that becoming a sex slave is the only way they will be able to study, eat, buy goods and services, before a new generation comes to believe that buying slaves is a sign of progress and modernity.”
A hard-hitting and thorough work of bravery. Thought provoking,shocking, unforgettable.