Another belated post i know… I hope everyone had a brilliant, safe and happy Christmas season. My December was a little stressful (as I am sure this season is for many), but I did manage to read 22 books and some of them were awesome! How many great reads did you discover in December? Below is my wrap up list….

The Caper by Janet Evanocih – 3 stars – Fox and O’Hare book 0.6 – a light entertaining short.

Icicles Like Kindling by Sara Raasch – a prequel in the Snow Like Ashes series – 5 stars – Loved it. It definitely made me want to go straight out and get book 1.

gs Golden Son by Pierce Brown – 5 stars – Red Rising book 2 – As astonishingly brutal as the first. One hell of a ride. Loved it from start to finish. The ending tore my heart out – I am almost too scared to read book 3 now.

LA.jpg Luke’s Absolution by KL Kreig – 4 stars – The Colloway Brothers book 3. Still a compelling story, but definitely my least favourite brother.

MH.jpg Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams – 4 stars – hitchhikers guide to the galaxy book 5 – a reread for me but I have the new folio society edition with glittery covers.

Five Pines A Journey of the Soul by Heather Cross – 3 stars – This was a competition win. It was okay but I found it too long and just not my cup of tea.

3013 revolution.jpg 3013: Revolution by Kali Argent – 3 stars – 3013 book 12 – not my favourite in this series. It lacked some of the heat of previous books.

GOI.jpg The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown – 3 stars – More of an academic piece. It was okay, but a little dry.

DC.jpg Destination Connelly by KL Kreig – 4 stars – The Colloway Brothers book 4 – okay so it’s still Asher for me and then Gray. But I must admit by the end of this book I was mildly in love with Connelly too. A great romance series.

DR.jpg Dinner’s Ready by Nadia L King – 4 stars – a fabulous little shortie with a slightly neauseating twist.

BS.jpg The Better Son by Katherine Johnson – 4 stars – a compelling Australian tale.

CA.jpg A Certain Age by Beatriz Williams – 3 stars – roaring 20’s New York. Enjoyable but didn’t captivate me.

DTM.jpg Deeper Than Midnight by Lara Adrian – 4 stars – Midnight Breed book 9 – another action packed addition to the vampire series.

Self Publishing for Australian Authors by Jennider Mosher – 4 stars – a great how to guide for Australians.

SIsmall.jpgSlavery Inc. by Lydia Cacho – 5 stars – A harrowing and courageous work.

sln Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick – 4 stars – a light and entertaining autobiography.

eos Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas – 5 stars – Throne of Glass book 5 – utterly addictive. Adored this instalment – although I have had to give up all hope of an Aelin/Dorian hook up boo!

TJ.jpg The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg – 3 stars – Fox and O’Hare book 3 – unfortunately this series is beginning to lose its edge for me.

tom Taste of Midnight by Lara Adrian – 3 stars – Midnight Breed book 9.5 – it was a great novella complementing the series but I wish it was longer and had a little more heat.

An Unexpected Guest by Nalini Singh – 5 stars – Guild Hunter book 9.1 – short story. Brilliant as all Nalini stories are.

outcasts The Outcasts by John Flanagan – 4 stars – Brotherband Chronicles book 1. A great sister/brother series to the Ranger’s Apprentice.  I love the sailing aspect. Looking forward to seeing where this series takes me.

sa Status Anxiety by Alain De Botton – 4 stars – an interesting look at an interesting subject. Thought provoking.

Some truly memorable reads in there. Are you going to me making any resolutions for 2017? Wishing you all a safe and happy new year.