5 Stars
Jenna’s Truth is a potent and heart-bruising story that is incredibly relevant in the world we live in today. This book should be added to the required school reading list for all kids. It is a short story that packs a punch and opens the conversation about what constitutes bullying. It is written in a style that is very engaging. I loved it.

Many of us have experienced some form of bullying in our lifetime, but sadly in today’s world it has become far more prevalent, and far easier to subject someone to bullying. With the advent of the digital childhood we have seen a huge spike in this kind of behaviour in the form of cyber-bullying. This story shows just how easy it is to become a victim of such attacks and the devastating effects it can have. In a world where a photo can be shared hundreds of times in a few minutes and can never truly be deleted from the internet, this is a story that needs to be told. All kids out there need to be made aware of how damaging this can be from both sides. It may seem like harmless fun at the time to the instigator, but it can have serious consequences. A poignant tale that I am sure will become part of the scholastic curriculum.


Goodreads Synopsis:

Inspired by Amanda Todd’s tragic story of bullying, Jenna’s Truth is more than just teen short story. It’s a lesson in empathy, self-awareness, and speaking out about what matters, especially bullying. Jenna’s Truth, written by Nadia L. King is a gripping story, which explores the themes of cyberbullying, teen drinking, sex, and suicide. Life isn’t black and white, and sometimes teens can be the most insensitive people.

What happens when the very group of teens you crave to belong to, end up being responsible for one of the most painful and humiliating events in your life?

Published by Aulexic, a publisher specialising in books for children with language and literacy difficulties, Jenna’s Truth is dyslexia-friendly and contains features that aid in comprehension and developing vocabulary. The story is kept short, at just 6,000 words and includes curriculum connections, discussion questions, and recommended activities, making it an ideal tool for use in the classroom in grades nine and ten (15-16yos). It’s length also makes it an ideal quick-read read at home or during transit.

If you’re against cyberbullying, want to help someone who might be a victim of bullying, or you’re experiencing bullying in your life right now, use the buy link above and read Jenna’s Truth today!