4 Stars

** minor spoiler alert**

I really enjoyed Le Chateau. Charlotte has had an accident and when she regains consciousness she has amnesia and cannot recall most of her recent past, including her husband and daughter. As she returns home to the family she cannot remember, she is constantly plagued by doubts and confusion as to who to trust, and what is true. As her story unravels she questions every connection she has to people except for that of her best friend Susannah who comes to the chateau to help her. Strange things are happening at the Chateau, and Henri’s mother seems to be at the centre of it all. Susannah and Charlotte decide to investigate and try to get to the bottom of the mysterious happenings and hopefully along the way see her memories return to her.

The story is tense and atmospheric with a good dose of mystery thrown in. I love the hints of occult permeating the story. I adore Henri and Ada. You have to love a guy that has such faith in the love they share. I had a suspicion about the tea from the beginning but I thought it was to keep her memory at bay. I despised Ryan and Ines from the outset. I also detested mother from the get go. While I understand her motivation, to be so self-serving that you use her condition to further your own agenda is just abhorrent.  I did have one issue with the story however. We get no sense of her memories returning other than the occasional hot dream right before Biarritz, but then they arrive in Biarritz and its suddenly all back and she can remember every little detail. I feel that was all a little too quick. When the truth comes out with Madame it is truly intense and suspenseful. A very engaging story that had me questioning everything and longing to see how it played out.