I hope you have all had a good month of reading. I far surpassed my estimated number of reads for the month – I managed to knock 23 books of the tbr in July. Yay! How many did you get through?

Below is a brief look at the books I discovered this month:


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer: 5 big beautiful stars. This book made me yearn for the days of letter writing.


Broken Pieces by Riley Hart – 3 stars – enjoyable but not as engaging as some of her other works.


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas – 5 shooting stars of wonderfulness. My favourite book so far this year. Madly in love with the night court and it’s High Lord.


In the Month of the Midnight Sun by Cecilia Ekback – 3 stars         . Nordic Noir meets historical mystery.


For 100 Days by Lara Adrian – 4 stars – something a bit different for Ms Adrian but an enjoyable steamy romance.


Better Than Sex: Women Write About Sex & Romance in the Digital Age by Samantha Trenoweth. 2 stars.  It was okay but not what I was expecting.


The Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore – 4 stars. Another compelling instalment in the series.


Eyes only for me by Andrew Grey – 3 stars. Not as engaging as previous works I’ve read by this author but okay.


The Year of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond – 3 stars. A decent addition to the chick lit genre.


The Debt Club Alpha book 4 by Kelly Favor – 2 stars. I am trying to like this series but I just can’t. Think I am letting this one go.


Fire Down Below by Debra Anastasia – 3 stars. Enjoyable and at times laugh out loud funny but I little on the crass side and a tad gross at times.


Summer Lovin Blues by Peter Styles – 1 star. Sorry but I just couldn’t get interested in the story.


Open Seating by Mickie B Ashling – 3 stars. It was okay. Light and entertaining.


Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah – 3 stars. A lovely story but it failed to really grab me.


Taken by Midnight by Lara Adrian – 3.5 stars. Another compelling instalment in the series but I felt it was a little light on the heat this time around.


With this Memo by Nalini Singh – 5 stars. Nalini can do no wrong, even with tiny little short stories.


The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo – 3 stars. An interesting prequel although after reading book 1 I am unsure how it all ties in.


Bad Blood by Gary Kemble – 3 stars. Part crime fiction, part supernatural mystery with a dash of eroticism thrown in.


Samael (the Lost Angels book 5) by Heather Killough-Walden – 3 stars. Not as compelling as the first 4 in the series but still an enjoyable read.


The Sin Eaters Daughter by Melinda Salisbury – 4 stars. A compelling new YA fantasy novel. Looking forward to more in the series.


Eternal Love by Peter Styles – 2 stars. I have a feeling this author just may not be for me. Sorry 😦


Shadow and Bone (the Grisha Book 1) by Leigh Bardugo – 5 dark stars. Loved every second of it. Devoured it in one sitting. Rushed out to by books 2 and 3.


Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin book 3) by Robin LeFevers – 4 stars. This series and this author are seriously underrated and deserve more recognition. A great series. Loved the twist with Mortain and Balthazar.


Okay so that was it for July… only 3 book hangovers so not too bad:-)

Up next on the TBR pile are a couple of great looking reads:

The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Milkwood Hargrave (the prettiest cover I’ve seen in a while)

The Drowned Man by Brendan James Murray (Australian non fiction)

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (I know I know… I am way behind)

Bumped by Megan Mcafferty (I know nothing about this one)

And it was on my July list but it intimidated me again so I still have to get to the edge of eternity by Ken Follett. (Ken I love you but 1000+ pages is rather daunting).

What are all my fellow book lovers reading and loving at the moment. Did you meet your target for July? Have a great week everyone.