4 stars

** spoiler alert ** Another great instalment in this enthralling series. I love that Michaels Archess is kind of like a hunter. That is what I pictured her as earlier on the series. Considering he is the warrior angel she should definitely be kick ass.
I am really getting annoyed at Samael’s underhanded ploys and contracts though. I did feel that Michael took his change, courtesy of the evil stormy eyed Sam, way too easily. Considering the contract was to take away all that he loved, and for him to become all that he loathed, then he just looks in the mirror and goes oh yeah I like this, too bad Sam you got it wrong I’m totally into this change. I think that the uber serious and very righteous Michael would have at least taken more than a heartbeat to be okay with being morphed into a vampire nightmare incubi hybrid.
I love the meeting at the masked ball – very electric. The gargoyles are an interesting twist but seriously… don’t they have enough crappy bad guys after them all already – Kevin, the adarians, Samael, then dragons and their host of shadowy minions, now gargoyles too…. Geez bad guy central!
I always wondered why Michael was called Michael – his brothers all got cool unusual names he gets a boring everyday one. Oh well. I love the dream of him in battle armour with sword on the edge of the cliff – just as I would’ve pictured the warrior angel.
Angel finally makes an appearance… but I have a question about that…. She barely gets a mention other than a couple of lines of chat room dialogue in the first two books. Then after book 3 a prequel gets written that is all about her and how she is tailing all the archesses their entire lives and is keeping them safe (even protecting a young Eleanore from an Adarian). So where the hell was she when the archesses needed help in the first 3 books? And why isn’t she helping when they are being attacked? It kind of feels like she is more of an afterthought… a character the author added at a later date that doesn’t make total sense. I get the sense that she is the final archess and meant for Samael but why give a back story about her being the protector of the others if she isn’t ever there to protect them?
Why did Michael not bring his brothers in from the start? He helped all of them when they found their archesses so why not involve them? That didn’t make a lot of sense to me either. His brothers would’ve been there and helped in any way possible. Some of Az’s boys could’ve helped keep Ree safe from the gargoyles too.
I loved the apartment battle scene. That was pretty epic. Although, I was expecting Rhiannon to be a little more bad ass in that scene. She spent most of it hovering over Mimi. Interesting twist with Mimi – I like that her little display brought Cal over to their side. Could be handy having a dragon on the team. One thing I did find confusing was the reappearance of the other Adarians. Didn’t they decide that Kevin had gone cray cray? I thought they killed him in the last one and Gregori brought him back. So why are they there fighting by his side again? I would have preferred to see them go over to the other side and agree to help the archangels protect the archesses instead.
Will the culmination really mean that the favoured 4 are the first to die? I hope not. Maybe it is just that they will be the first to return to their realm? Off to find book 5 so I can find out. But Samael has some serious work to do to make me want to take an interest in his story and care about the outcome. I have spent 4 books loathing him so I’m not convinced he can redeem himself in my eyes.