4 stars

** spoiler alert ** Book 3 is just as compelling as the 2 before it. Azrael is my favourite of the bunch. I am not convinced about his mate though. I thought, being the Archess of the angel of death, she would have maybe been someone surrounded by death or someone whose powers were maybe the reverse of the healing power – one touch and you die kind of thing. Angel of Death! She has 3 deaths in her past but I don’t think she was dark enough. But the chemistry between the two was off the charts. Love the boat scene. One part that didn’t make much sense to me is how Az has her tailed 24/7 by his vampires and human minions…. If he had access to that kind of protection why did he not do the same for his brothers Archesses? He could have offered round the clock protection for them when they were being hunted. The new creatures from the shadows are interesting, and the introduction of the dragons was unexpected. The double bite scene to rid her of Gregori’s influence was kind of hot. I had a suspicion that drinking her blood might have a certain affect on him during daylight hours but maybe it was just the change when they get their wings – either way, I love that he is still a vampire but can also walk in the day now. Final battle scene with Michael in the park will no doubt having me rushing out to find book 4. Hesperos could’ve helped out some surely? Hate when they just stand around watching. Love that Rhiannon looks to be the kick ass battle chick I would expect the warrior angels Archess to be.