4 stars

** spoiler alert ** Almost as addictive as the first. I found that this one got started a little too quickly. Within the first quarter of the book she is already being tailed by 2 lots of adarians, Sam, and Gabriel. I have to say that Gabriel is always my favourite archangel but in this series he is seriously lacking in finesse, and not nearly as compelling as i usually find him. I mean come on Gabe… way to scare the girl off from the outset.
Sam was definitely playing dirty pool there. I am growing a little weary of his contracts and underhanded tactics. Making up that legend about archesses and the dark haired evil one that drains them of their powers and kills them, no doubt hoping she would think it was Gabe – that was low. Stop trying to redirect fate Samael.
Kevin is just plain evil and needs to be ended asap. How are the other adarians even still loyal to him after he has started to off the ones with lesser powers for his own benefit? I never understood how one person can command such total and unquestionable loyalty. I think they should all go join up with team archangel. I’m not a huge fan of the animosity between Gabe and Angus in the beginning, the whole battle of the clans thing doesn’t interest me. So he slept with your very willing sister – deal with it! But I like the way it ended with Angus.
I like the orphanage part of the story – makes Gabriel appear less severe. I love the dream and past life element and the fact that the archesses lives seem to mirror the type of angel they are meant for.
Not too sure I like that Law is involved with Sam now. How is Uriel not aware of that? The battle scenes are fairly epic – except it really took them way too long to figure out that they could just turn bullets gold to hurt the Adarians. And why do the shard guns only work for them?
I really don’t think I like the twist with Sophie. I mean…. it is just way too easy! And even though she was an orphan and had crappy foster parents I would have thought that with the archesses lives being a representation of their angels that the angel of deaths arhcess would be a little darker – like maybe a life filled with the death of her loved ones – or even better would be that one of her abilities is the reverse of the healing that the others have. I don’t really like that she is one archesses best friend and has no obvious abilities yet – way too convenient – it should have been a darker meeting between the shadow laden angel of death and his mate. Not sure I am going to like Az’s story now???