Book 2 in the ACOTAR series

5 giant shooting stars


Sarah J Maas has done it again. Warning: Will cause serious book hangover for days. I could not put it down. And even after I finished reading it, the story is still bouncing around in my mind. What an amazing whirlwind. If you haven’t read the book yet stop reading this as I have to talk about what happened and they are major spoilers.  Okay so for those who have read, can we all just take a collective breath. I swear there were moments in this book where I felt like I was holding my breath.

Firstly, I cannot believe that the golden light that is Tamlin became such a suffocating and unpleasant character. Stifling her and basically imprisoning her. How did he not see her misery? Not see her wasting away and slowly dying inside? And the character that was made out to be evil turned out to be so incredibly wonderful. I sensed in book 1 that Rhysand was more than he appeared and that the evil was a mask – but he is High Lord of the night court so I assumed there would have to be a part of that evil darkness that does reside within him or he would not be able to reign there.

At the end of book 1 there is a moment where Rhys looks at Fayre and stumbles back in shock… I suspected what that would be and even though it took a while for confirmation I am so glad it is what I thought (even though I wasn’t yet convinced he was the right one). I also had a suspicion that one of her sisters would be connected to Lucien in the future and that appears to be the case. Here’s hoping. I am surprised that Lucien appears to have become the voice of reason in the Spring Court – has Tamlin gone completely insane? I know that Ianthe was manipulating him, but come on… after all that he did to protect his people during all those cursed years I cannot believe that he would so easily sacrifice the safety and happiness of his entire realm for one girl. No matter how much he believes he loves her. He must have lost his mind under the mountain!

Where Rhysand is concerned… well…. I am not quite sure how an author managed to make someone so arrogant so damned appealing. Rhys is infuriating, but while you are busy being angry at him you also have a smile on your face because there is just something vaguely cute about his impertinence. What he did to protect his family and the city of dreams just proves how good he is deep down under his mask.

There were some seriously beautiful moments between Rhysand and Feyre. The night of Starfall was touchingly sweet and light. Even the moment where he had to slam his mask down and be the evil Rhys in the Court of Nightmares was steamy and appealing. The smouldering heat between them is palpable and leaps off the page.

Her altercation with Lucien in the forest was interesting but I felt like she could have dealt with that more tactfully. Lucien could have been reasoned with. If she explained to him that she left willingly and was happy perhaps he could have knocked some sense into Tamlin.  I find the fact that her shapeshifting gift seems to allow her to choose and change her form quite unusual. I assumed that seeing as that gift came from the Spring Court that she would have had a fixed form to shift into like Tamlins. But it is way cooler this way. Kind of creepy that she could shift to appear as someone else though like she did in the Summer Court. That will definitely come in handy in the war to come. The perfect spy!

I adore the back story with Rhysands dreams and snippets of a girl that gave him hope while with Amarantha and her in turn sharing something similar – the bond was there long before either knew it.

Amran is mildly terrifying – I am guessing Dragon what with the jewel hoarding and references to fire?

The scene after Rhys’ nightmare was sweet and I liked seeing that vulnerability in him. I found it strange that when she decided to paint again she painted the house instead of the canvas of him on his knees with wings spread that she pictured in that moment.

I found the triangle between Cassian, Azriel and Mor interesting. I do hope that Cass breaks away from that and maybe ends up with Nesta… that would be entertaining. Will Azriel ever admit that he is in love with Mor or Mor with him?

Her blood aiding the healing after Rhys’ poisoning was an interesting twist. Is that because they are mates or something else? If she gave her blood to others would they heal too? She didn’t get to try it out on Cass or Az. That will be interesting to discover.

The battle in the City of Dreams was pretty epic and Feyre rocked. Sarah writes really bold and strong female leads. I feel as though she deserved more recognition for her super amazing feats in that battle. While they all were incredible the fact that she had never used her gifts in battle and then just smashed it out so perfectly was quite awesome.

That moment with the Kind of Hybern when his new “friends” came into the room – I swear my heart stopped for a moment! OMG… I could not believe it. So awful. Then my heart stopped again when she asked him to break the bond – even though I knew what she was doing, my heart broke a little thinking it was really broken and what that would do to Rhys.

I love the way it ended. Perfect spy indeed. But how am I going to survive the wait til the next instalment? I need book 3 now!!!