Does anybody else miss snail mail?  Other than my fortnightly bookmail, all my post contains bills these days. As much as I adore bookmail, I do miss getting an actual handwritten letter in the post. Yesterday I finished reading a fab little book called The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. The book was written as a series of letters. Reading these letters made me yearn for years gone by when my friends would send me a postcard from their travels, or a letter filled with the latest news from their side of the globe. I sound like my grandma… years gone by… i’m still young, but it has all changed so fast.

Now we live in an age of instant communication. Text and Email definitely have their perks, and it is frequently convenient, but I feel as though personal communication has become so impersonal. Someone can send a one line group text to announce news to their friends, a post on Facebook to let you all know where they are and what a great time they are having. Where is the joy in that? With letters that are handwritten I feel as though the person has decided to take some of their valuable time to share a little piece of their life with me. It takes time and effort to write a letter and post it. Digital communication takes no time at all.

I still, at times, like to write postcards to friends and family and they always tell me how much they loved receiving something nice in the postbox. By doing this I feel as though I am showing them that I value them. I took the time to write you a note because I care. I really wish more people would still communicate in this way. Letter writing seems to be a dying art. We don’t even bother working on our penmanship these days because who cares if our writing is messy, we rarely ever have to actually write anymore, just type.

I do enjoy technology and its many conveniences, but I do fear where it is all going, and what it is doing to our culture. We have created a world that is a paradise for narcissists – how many stories I have read lately of people pulling some poor animal out of the water and allowing it to die just so they can get a selfie with the cute turtle or beautiful swan! What is wrong with these people? This culture is creating even more narcissistic traits in the younger generations. This can’t be good.

Has anyone else noticed that we now have a generation of people obsessed with over-sharing? Just yesterday I was at the beautician and a girl in the room next to me was getting her eyebrows waxed. She asked her friend to come in with her and film it, as you do because it’s just so fascinating! As soon as she started filming, the girl was praising the beautician and saying how on fleek her brows were and how she had to post the vid on YouTube straight away. So apparently getting your eyebrows waxed, like 10 million other women probably did today ,is now an activity that must be shared with the world. It feels like they are all screaming Like me like me like me. Oh dear.

I know every generation feels as though the one next from theirs has gone crazy, but is itso bad to wish we didn’t all want to share what we are eating (or getting waxed) with strangers around the world?

Okay, rant over. I do love technology… I am just concerned what it is doing to our youth and culture. Bring back communication with some personal meaning. I want to see letters in my postbox again.

Does anyone else miss snail mail?