Okay… so I was challenged by a friend to write and share a list of 30 things that most people (even those close to me) might not know about me. So here goes…

  1. I read incessantly – every day, every chance I get. Obsessively… you get the idea
  2. I want a library in my house with a big comfy brown leather chair and a Sherlock Holmes old London desk and lamp.
  3. I love foreign movies, but hate movies that are book adaptations – they never get them right.
  4. I gets crushes often – but mostly on fictional characters
  5. My favourite season is Autumn
  6. I have so many allergies even I can’t remember them all (so not fun)
  7. I am terrified of Arachnids – they are all the devils minions from the deep fiery pits of hell
  8. I really can’t understand people that are permanently attached to their phones – seriously you are at the movies turn it off … the world will not end if you are unreachable for an hour or so. And stop calling people when you’re in the bath – it’s just weird.
  9. I wish that people would spend half the energy and passion on solving world issues that they expend cheering for men chasing balls around – there would be no issues left to solve.
  10. I would really love to live in a house with a hidden room and secret passageways.
  11. I am fatally shy and really prefer socialising one on one rather than in big groups
  12. According to my parents my first crush was at age 3 on a fictional character – Astro boy (personally I think it was a superficial love – I just wanted the jet pack boots)
  13. My first official word was F*&K. There is a story that goes with that one that involves a dodgy car, a steep hill and a priest.
  14. I have never solved my rubicks cube.
  15. I love the violin and secretly wish I could play without it sounding like a dying cat.
  16. Spent an entire year completely addicted to poppy seed bagels. But haven’t eaten one since.
  17. Am still addicted to Belgian waffles…. No I’m not, no I’m not no I’m not – if I say it enough it will be true.
  18. I have to eat chocolate every day or I run the risk of going cray cray and mugging someone for their mars bar
  19. My first book boyfriend was Dorian Gray, but I’ve had thousands since then… sorry Dorian I tried to stay true but there’s just too many just as awesome as you. Yeah okay I know…. I get around….. I’m a fictional tart….. get over it. I’m sure Dorian doesn’t mind as I am pretty certain he prefers men.
  20. I think I should sue my primary school for traumatizing me for life by making me read The Emperors New Clothes.  I spent years thinking my clothes might actually be only visible to me and I was really naked – (I especially thought this if I walked past people that were giggling – totally must be laughing at me coz I’m naked!!). I think I probably needed therapy after that book.
  21. I think that Watership Down should NOT be in the kids section at the DVD store.. It’s a HORROR movie. The evil red eyed rabbits, the fields of blood, the gnashing teeth, oh and did I mention  the fields of blood…. So not a kids movie.
  22. Secretly attracted to bad boys (well we all are aren’t we – don’t know why – they are called BAD for a reason) – but I clearly started that attraction early… Dracula, Jareth the Goblin King, John Bender, Rollerboys’ Griffin, David(lost boys), Cry Baby Walker,  Han Solo, and is it just me or is darth vadar kind of hot….. no…… oh okay its just me then.
  23. I wanted a grey bunny rabbit as a kid but my parents bought me a white one with red eyes that I was terrified of and thought was a demon.
  24. I was madly in love with my roller skates and mastered a few cool tricks but they were confiscated and destroyed when I was caught trying to do a backflip in them. Well…. I wanted to star in starlight express one day so it had to be done.
  25. I have always had a fascination for medieval weaponry. I know that probably makes me a weirdo… but so be it. Swords, crossbows, bow and arrow, cool embellished daggers. Fighting in those days required some serious skill not like today where to only skill you need is how to press a big red button or pull your finger back.
  26. I love the theatre and will watch just about anything – ballet (men in tights are awesome), opera (big fat ladies singing …. gotta love it), plays (oh the drama), and even musicals (singing and glitter and feathers oh my). I could easily live in a theatre ……well…. as long as I have box seats of course.
  27. I find psychology fascinating – why do people do what they do. The mind of a psychopath. The scary commonness and prevalence of sociopathic behaviour in the world. Narcissistic personalities – i.e. the modern human in the world of selfies.
  28. Addicted to the smell of a hugo boss aftershave. If someone is wearing it in the street I almost get whiplash trying to locate the person so I can inhale them. Perhaps I should just buy myself a bottle…. Save on awkward moments.
  29. I was pushed by the mean girl at school and my leg went through a grate and got stuck – I had to be cut out by the fire brigade.
  30. I really dislike watching sports – please don’t let me end up with a man obsessed with footy or cricket bleh! I can tolerate watching ice hockey or small amounts of tennis but that’s it. If there is football on I’m out of there.

Okay so there it is… a little bit about me. Hope I didn’t scare you away. I’m not totally weird. Just a little, but in a good way I promise:-)